What Is Open PageRank?

The Open PageRank initiative was created to bring back Page Rank metrics so that different domains could easily be compared. We do this using Open Source data provided by Common Crawl and Common Search.

The common crawl corpus contains petabytes of data that has been collected since 2007. They have crawled close to 250 billion web pages with 3-5 billion pages being added every month. While these numbers are not as large the number of pages crawled by any of the top backlink providers, the data is available for anyone for free. We, therefore, decided to use this data to make Page Rank data available to anyone for free forever.

Apart from Common Crawl's harmonic centrality data, we plan to incorporate Keywords Everywhere's traffic data in the future.

Why do we need PageRank?

Google released the PageRank toolbar in 2000 and made it very easy for webmasters to check the PageRank of their websites. Almost immediately this became the industry standard to gauge the link equity value of domains in the online marketing industry.

16 years later, in mid-2016 Google shut off the toolbar and since then, it has become impossible for anyone to figure out the PageRank for any website. This has left a giant void in the industry and no other metric has been able to fill this void. The industry might have been better off had Google had never released the PageRank data initially. However, now that they have removed it, webmasters still continue to look at PageRank numbers (which are by now meaningless) and unless another metric fills this void, users will still struggle to figure out valuations. Open PageRank hopes to remedy this situation by providing free metrics using Open Data.

Why not use any other metric?

There are many link data providers who crawl a large number of pages and provide different metrics. The top providers are Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs, who provide Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Domain Rating respectively. However, their data is not available freely (they have paid APIs) and none of the metrics match exactly what Google's Page Rank would measure. Open PageRank is free for everyone and our API access lets anyone get PR data for as many domains as possible

Do you have a list of top websites that I can download?

Sure. You can view the top 10 million websites on our website and also download the entire list.

How do I sign up for your API?

You can sign up to our API here. Based on our current limits you can get the PageRank data for 4.3 million domains every single day for a single API Key. If you need more data simply contact us and we will increase the limit.

Who are we?

We're DomCop - an expired/aged domain tool that helps you easily analyze and discover high-authority domains. If you'd like to learn more about the world of expired domains, check out this guide on the best domain auction sites and how to purchase expired domain names.