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20M+ Deleted Domains List

Total expiring domain names: 3,454,621
Total expired domain names: 4,238,118
Total available dropped domains: 11,187,123

72 Domain Extensions

Extensions Supported:
.ac, .ag, .ar, .asia, .at, .au, .be, .bg, .biz, .bz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn, .co, .com, .cz, .de, .dk, .ee, .es, .eu, .fi, .fm, .fr, .gg, .hr, .hu, .ie, .in, .info, .io, .is, .it, .je, .jp, .kr, .lc, .li, .lu, .lv, .ly, .md, .me, .mn, .mobi, .mx, .net, .ng, .nl, .no, .nu, .nz, .org, .pl, .pt, .pw, .ro, .rs, .ru, .sc, .se, .sg, .sh, .si, .su, .to, .tv, .uk, .us, .vc, .za

Personal Domain Crawler

Avg Pages Crawled per month: 75,000,000 pages
Avg Domains Found per month: 50,000 domains
* statistics based on customers using Guru Plan III

Five ways to find amazing domains using DomCop

1. Buy domains from multiple domain auctions
2. Buy domains that have expired and are available to purchase
3. Back-order domains that are going to expire
4. Buy domains from our Archive list (more than 20 million available domains)
5. Use the personal crawler to crawl the internet and find amazing available domains

Plans & Pricing

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  • Access to Expiring Section
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Power Plan
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  • Access to Expiring Section
  • Access to Expired Section
  • Access to Archived Section
  • Export Records
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Guru Plan
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  • Access to Expiring Section
  • Access to Expired Section
  • Access to Archived Section
  • Export Records
  • Personal Expired Domain Crawler*
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* to know more about the personal expired domain crawler check out our blog article on it.

Customer Testimonials!

  • Now that is a stupidly handy tool! Certainly makes finding domains a very quick process, and I love anything that saves time =D

    Much love for building it!
  • I've tried a number of expired domain finding tools and services but the support from DomCop is second to none. It's in my top two of tools to use, and the best I've used for crawling.
  • DomCop has a great offer that all of you buying expired domains should consider. For the price of a couple domain names, you can use DomCop for a month, snag some excellent domain names, which would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars. If you're considering expired domain software and don't have the knowledge to program your own crawler, I'd lean towards DomCop.

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