Expired Domains Videos

DomCop has three types of searches - Common Search, Simple Search and Advanced Search.

Using the Common Search:
This is the search used by those who are new to finding expired domains. We have created a set of common searches that we show to you via a drop down list. If you are unsure of what metrics to search on, this would be a good place to start. Common searches are searches for finding domains with high page rank, high domain authority, etc

Using the Simple Search:
The Simple search allows you to search on the most commonly searched on metrics. Although it is simple to use, it is a powerful search tool. You can use sliders to search for a range on various metrics

Using the Advanced Search:
Like its name, the Advanced search lets advanced users search on every possible metrics that we offer.

Look for short and memorable domain names with the Domcop's Pattern filter search. Please follow along as we go into detail on how to filter out these valuable domains.

Domcop allows you to save your favorite search parameters. You simply set your parameters and save your searches by name. You can retrieve your favorite search parameters any time by drop down. This is another great feature by Domcop, that saves a whole lot of time and allows you to be more productive.

In this quick tutorial we will go over on Customizing Columns:
In order to conserve your device screen space, we only show some of the domain metrics in the domain table. However, if you want to see all the metrics or choose which metrics are important to you, you have the option to customize the columns.

Exporting domains to your device. Domcop allows you to download your domains as a CSV file to either your hard drive or to your email. Please follow along as we will show you "a over the shoulder" tutorial on how to save your domains.

This is a pre-beta review of the Personal expired domains crawler feature in the new Guru Plan at DomCop.
Do note that the user interface of the live program will look different than that that shown in the video, since it was recorded pre-beta.
The video shows you how to setup new crawl jobs, specifically the complete website crawl. It also takes you through the interface in filtering out domains that were found for you by your personal expired domains crawler.

A very comprehensive tutorial on how to spam check domains with the power of Domcop. Follow along as we go into detail on how to filter out quality domains and use best practices on how to spam check them.

Here is an additional tutorial on how to spam check domains. In this example we will be specifically talk about "Site Wide Links", and the importance of what they are and how they can potentially trigger a Google penalty.

Using the power of DomCop to find great authority domains with GoDaddy Auctions. Domcop makes it easy to find those domains that are in pending delete status or are going up for auction. Come and check us out!

In this tutorial we will go over on how to place domain backorders with both NameJet and SnapNames. Please follow along as we go into detail on how to do both.

Here's a tutorial that explains what domain parking is, and goes in depth on the two most popular domain parking companies - Voodoo and Bodis. Check it out!

DomCop Customer - Lee Hughes

There wasn't a website which would give me all the information I wanted until I came across DomCop. DomCop is a real timesaver for me as everything is in one place and I have no reason to spend a long time trying to find high value expiring domains anymore.

Lee Hughes
New Zealand