Buy Expired Domains with High Trust Flow from the GoDaddy Auctions

Domain list showing all godaddy auction domains that have a high Majestic Trust Flow

The "GoDaddy Auctions (TF)" common search lists the domains that have a TF of 15 or more from the GoDaddy auction website. Clicking on the domain will take you straight to the auction where you can bid or buy the domain. These domains can be of the following categories:

  • 10 day public expiring domain auction: These are the normal expiring domain auctions. The domains go through a 10 day bidding process. The highest bid at the end of it wins.
  • Closeout domain: If a public expiring domain auction has not received any bids over the 10 days, it then goes through a 5 day reverse auction process. At this point this is a closeout domain auction and you can purchase it at any time at a fixed price. The domain starts at $11 for 24 hours. If no one has purchased it, it then falls to $10 for the next 24 hours and so on till it is $5.
  • Offer/Counter Offer: These are domains that have been listed by the sellers for auction. These are not expiring domains - therefore quite a few of these domains never end up being sold. The seller has an option to not sell unless he receives a bid he wants.
  • Offer/Counter Offer with a Buy Now: These are offer/counter offer domains where the seller has selected a price at which he has promised to sell the domain. These can be directly purchased by paying the Buy Now price or can be bid upon

Domain Maj
Exp 17 6h 50m 26 6h 56m 17 6h 59m 17 7h 02m 19 7h 04m 17 7h 07m 22 7h 08m 15 7h 08m 16 7h 08m 16 7h 10m


Matthew Woodward, Blogger, UK Now that is a stupidly handy tool! Certainly makes finding domains a very quick process, and I love anything that saves time =D
Much love for building it!

Matthew Woodward, Blogger, UK