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DomCop Customer - Paolo Mauroner
Paolo Mauroner, Italy

   The DomCop support team is the best I've ever found, fast and friendly and always available to add new features to give us customers the best experience! The price and impressive service make me feel at home with DomCop. If you try the free trial you will never go away   

Why is DomCop more expensive than its competitors?

DomCop acquires metrics from several sources by paying for it because we believe that investment in great metrics leads to great domains. This ensures that our customers always have the best metrics available and spend as little time as possible on finding the right domains. Our competitors on the other hand do not have these metrics available. In addition we spend a lot of our time and resources in ensuring that we have the most exhaustive list of expired domains that you can find anywhere.

Can I try before I purchase?

Sorry - we do not have a free trial. We offer a free 2 day money back guarantee to new customers. After purchasing a plan, you can email us within 2 days for a complete refund.

What is your Refund policy?

We offer a free 2 day money back guarantee to new customers. After purchasing a plan, you can email us at within 2 days for a complete refund. Please note that this is only applicable if you have not purchased a subscription from us before.

I already have a subscription. How do I upgrade/downgrade?

Go ahead and purchase the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to and purchase it. When done, email us at and we will cancel the old subscription and give a pro-rated refund for it

What modes of payment do you currently accept?

Our payments are managed by You can pay using your credit/debit card. When making payment, please make sure that you are entering the name and address of the credit/debit card of the account holder. If the names are different, then your transaction may not pass the fraud check process.

How can I cancel my subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscriptions directly using Alternately you can login to our app, go to "My Account" and click the "Cancel Subscription" to have us do it for you.

How many people can use one account?

Ideally, only one person can use a single account. However, a lot of customers have a freelancer in a different country who helps them with the domain searches. We therefore allow a maximum of two separate people using a single account. If we find that multiple people are using your account (e.g. from a Group buy service), we will promptly ban your account.