Buy Credits For "My Domains" section

One credit for One domain. Credits don't expire.
10,000 Credits Package
50,000 Credits Package
200,000 Credits Package

What are these Credits for?

You purchase these credits so that you can import your own domains into DomCop. Each domain takes a single credit.

Do I need a existing subscription to purchase Credits?

No. You can import your own domains into our system without having an existing subscription.

How long will these credits remain valid?

These credits never expire.

Can I view expired domains if I purchase a package?

No. These credits are only for using the "My Domains" feature, where you can upload a list of your domains into the "My Domains" section and get all metrics for them. To view expiring/expired domains in the "Expiring", "Expired", or "Archive" sections, you need to have a separate subscription that can be purchased here

What metrics are provided?

  • All Majestic Metrics (No Anchor Text nor Backlink data)
  • All Moz Metrics
  • SEMrush Rank & Traffic metrics
  • All Alexa Metrics
  • Has Google indexed this domain
  • Whether domain is currently available to register
  • Keywords volume and cpc
  • Domain Age from WhoIs & Wayback Archive
  • Domain Categories/Industries
  • Open PageRank
  • Social Metrics (FB, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc)