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Domain Maj
  marekandassociates.com 22 20h 49m
  digonsite.com 27 20h 49m
  archivegrid.org 24 20h 49m
  bargecompany.com 23 20h 49m
  newmusicclassics.com 20 20h 49m
  fiddlersgreenfarm.com 24 20h 49m
  pawless.com 21 20h 49m
  gruttercpas.com 22 20h 49m
  llcc.org 22 20h 49m
  acsi-collections.com 20 20h 49m
Domain list showing all NameJet Prerelease domains that have a high Majestic Trust Flow
process 2

NameJet's Pre-Release domains are expired names that have been provided through NameJet's exclusive partnerships with other registrars in the industry.

NameJet publishes daily a list of all such domains. Customers can backorder these domains in the same manner as normal Pending Delete domains. The auction will close if there is only a single backorder request and the minimum bid amount is met.

process 2
process 2

If there are multiple domain backorders, then the domain is put in a 3-day private auction that starts on the release date. The auction starts between 11AM and 2PM (PT) on the release day.

Matthew Woodward, Blogger, UK

Now that is a stupidly handy tool! Certainly makes finding domains a very quick process, and I love anything that saves time =D
Much love for building it!

Matthew Woodward
Blogger, UK