Buy expired domains with some really good metrics

Domain list showing all domains that have DA > 15 & TF > 15 & DR > 15

The domain table shows expired domains with a minimum page Domain Authority of 15, a minimum Trust Flow of 15 and a minimum Ahrefs Domain Rating of 15. You can change these settings by clicking on either the Simple or Advanced search options at the top

Domain Maj
Exp 23 23m 20 53m 16 2h 16m 18 2h 16m 15 2h 16m 20 2h 23m 27 2h 23m 25 2h 23m 17 2h 23m 15 2h 23m


Fred Lesage, France When I discovered, it was already answering most of my needs, but lacked a few functions. Just a small request to support and the 3 functions I suggested were implemented about 4 days after. What a response!

Fred Lesage, France