Metrics Update (13th Feb 2022)

DomCop metrics are currently undergoing an overhaul. Below is a list of new metrics that have been added and deprecated/old metrics that are being removed.

Moz Historical Domain Authority (DA Trend)

The Moz v2 API now provides historical DA for the last three years. Here is why this is super useful and exciting for us.

The Problem: In the last few years, the expired domains industry has grown massively, with the price of domains shooting up. Due to this some scammers have started artificially increasing the Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic link metrics by pointing high value links to their domains. These domains then get bought in auctions for a high price, and soon after, the high values links are removed and the useless domain’s link metrics drop.

The solution: DomCop customers till now only had the latest inflated domain metrics of the current month, and had no idea how valuable the domain was three years ago. We have now added the Domain Authority Trend as a bar chart shown under the DA value as shown in the screenshot below.

Domain Authority Trend

You can easily see the DA values for the last three years by moving your mouse over the chart. If you see that the chart suddenly spikes in the last few months, then you can be rest assured that someone has temporarily put high value backlinks to this domain recently, and that soon after purchase they will be removed. You can therefore easily ignore this domain and move onto other domains that show a steady chart.

In addition to the chart, we have also added two new columns called the “Moz DA 12mo%” and “Moz DA 3yr %”. These columns give you the percentage value of the DA over the last 12 months and 3 years respectively. Any domain with a very high percentage should be ignored.

Moz Spam Score

The new Moz Spam Score, available only in the v2 Moz API works differently than the previous Spam score (v1 API) and is a much more improved version of the old one.

Deprecated Moz Metrics

Our system had some old Moz metrics that have since been deprecated. We will be removing these from our system over the next few weeks as they are no longer updated. These are the following metrics – Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Moz Subnets

Social Metrics

Our provider now only provides Facebook and Pinterest metrics. We will be removing all the other social metrics from the system.

Alexa Metrics

Alexa is due to shut down on May 1st, 2022. We will continue to have these metrics till then. After it is shut down, we will remove these metrics.

We will be making changes to the advanced and simple search screens, to remove search options for old metrics and to add them for the new ones. You may therefore see some changes over the weekends while we run updates.

Moz Spam Score

In the v1 of the API Moz would return a Spam score value from 1 to 18, where 18 was the most spammiest domain possible.

In v2, they have changed this to a metric that goes from 0 to 100, where 100 is now the most spammiest domain possible. You can read up on the old metrics spam score here and the new spam score here.

In order to ensure that all filters work correctly with the new spam scores, we have migrated all domains in our database to the new spam scores, and also manually changed the search settings for all customers where the old spam scores are now translated to the new ones.

In the new spam scores, any number under 30 is spam free, a number from 30 to 60 is medium spammy and above 60 is very spammy.

Feel free to let us know if there are any other metrics that you’d like.  We will update this article as and when the changes are made over the next few weeks.


11th Feb – Added the new Moz metrics

13th Feb –

– Removed Ahrefs, SW search widgets as well as deprecated metrics from Moz, Majestic and others.

– Exports now have the new Moz metrics as well.

– Migrated database from old Moz Spam Scores to the new Moz Spam scores