Integration with Ahrefs metrics

We have integrated the Ahref metrics at DomCop.

To start with we get the Domain Rating (DR) and the Domain Rank. Based on customer feedback we will look at getting other metrics from Ahrefs as well.


Currently these metrics are being generated for all the domains in the Expiring section and all available domains in the Expired section. The Archived domains do not have these metrics yet. We will be getting these metrics for the Archive over the next month or so.

Guru Plan members will start seeing these metrics for all new domains that are found. We will not be getting these metrics for domains that were found previously.

The Ahrefs DR score has been added as a default column to the domain datatable. You will find this column after “Age” and before “Moz DA”. The Ahrefs Domain Rank column can be added to your datatable by using our customize columns feature. You will find the Ahrefs Domain Rank in the “Domain Info” widget at the very bottom.

If you have any questions on these metrics, please feel free to email us at