High Traffic Expired Domains: An In-Depth Guide

The Magnetic Pull of Expired Domains with Traffic

Welcome to the digital gold rush! We’re not panning for gold, but hunting for expired domains with traffic. Buying expired domains is like inheriting a bustling shop on the high street, rather than building one from scratch in the middle of nowhere. You’re stepping into a ready-made flow of potential customers.

The Perks of Harnessing Expired Domains

Every domain purchase comes with a contract for a specific period. If the contract isn’t renewed, the domain is considered expired and becomes available for other buyers. The benefits of using expired domains are manifold:

  1. Driving Relevant Traffic to Your Site: Many expired domains come with an audience. You can use 301 redirects to drive this traffic to your website, which can be particularly useful if the domain is relevant to your niche. For instance, an expired travel domain with good traffic volume can be redirected to your travel blog or website.
  2. Microsite Construction: Expired domains can be used to build a separate web page or a cluster of web pages, increasing brand awareness and SERP ranks.
  3. Website Network Development: If you’re looking to acquire satellites or a Private Blog Network (PBN) to grow incoming links, expired domains can provide your main website with top-quality external backlinks, increasing its citation index and Page Rank (PR).
  4. Reviving the Old Website: Some high-quality sites with large traffic and excellent reputation become expired domains due to lack of investment. These domains can be restored and repurposed.

How to Discover Expired Domains with Traffic

Finding expired domains with traffic isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like a treasure hunt in the vast ocean of the internet. But don’t worry, there are numerous tools and platforms that provide a list of expired domains with traffic. Websites like DomCop are your digital treasure maps, guiding you to domains that have been dropped but still attract a significant number of visitors.

Identifying Quality Expired Domain Names

Expired domains without much traffic are as useful as a chocolate teapot. It’s crucial to undertake a thorough review, and plenty of advanced platforms and software can help a lot. Here’s how you can find a great domain:

  1. Examine the Domain of Interest: You probably have preferable names for your website in mind. To make it work for your sake, it’s important to initiate WHOIS Lookup and check its registration and expiration date, the current owner, and their contacts. Thus, you might find a great expired domain.
  2. Engage Domain Registrars: Domain registrars store all domain name records in the dedicated registry and are licensed to sell domain name extensions. As a rule, such platforms feature the expiring and expired domains for auctions.
  3. Venture into Auctions: Auctions are another type of platform that sells expired domain names, only, in this case, the price depends on demand.
  4. Utilize Domain Name Marketplaces: Some online tools can also facilitate your search for expiring or expired domains. DomCop allows you to find expired domains and their traffic.

Evaluating the Domain

Since the domain characteristics have an impact on the website’s promotion, it’s crucial to audit expired domains you’re going to acquire. Here are some benchmarks to consider before the purchase:

  1. Backlinks: A reputable natural-looking profile is able to initiate SERP visibility since it demonstrates the website’s true value. Tools like Google Webmaster Console, OpenLinkProfile, and Ahrefs can help you assess the backlink profile of an expired domain.
  2. Pagerank, Mozrank, and Ahrefs Rank: MozRank analyzes Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) on a scale from 0 to 100. Similarly, Ahrefs Rank (AR) measures the quality of backlinks to a website with a lower score indicating a stronger backlink profile. The higher the DA, PA, or the lower the AR, the more chances you have to reach the top ranks.
  3. Domain Age: Google and other engines pay more attention to old domains. You can find out the domain age when making a WHOIS lookup.
  4. Google Index: This metric is necessary for search engine optimization and is used by Google to evaluate a website’s value. Non-indexed web pages don’t exist on the internet. Tools like Google Search Console can help you check the index status of a domain.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a consolidated source of information about expired domains, you might find DomCop useful. It provides all the details above (backlink profiles, domain authority, page authority, domain age). This can streamline the process of evaluating potential domain acquisitions.

The Prize: High Traffic Expired Domains

High-traffic expired domains, often referred to as the white whales of the domain world, are incredibly valuable. As referenced from The Website Flip, these domains retain a significant amount of their original traffic, providing an immediate boost to a new website. This traffic, often from people familiar with the old site, diversifies your sources and potentially improves SEO. Moreover, every bit of traffic further builds your brand. Patience and a keen eye are essential for spotting these potential goldmines in the vast sea of expired domain names.

The Marketplace: Procuring Expired Domains with Traffic

So, you’ve found your treasure, now where to buy expired domains with traffic? There are several online marketplaces that specialize in this trade. Websites like GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet are like eBay for digital properties, where you can vie for domains with a steady stream of visitors.

The Word of Caution: Not All Expired Domains for Sale with Traffic are Equal

Remember, not all expired domains for sale with traffic are created equal. Some might be bustling metropolises of activity, while others are more like ghost towns. That’s why it’s crucial to do your homework before you buy traffic from expired domains. Use the tools mentioned in this article to analyze the domain’s authority and backlink profile.

High traffic domains domcop

So, you’ve learned about high-traffic expired domains, and you’re ready to take advantage of them. But before you do, don’t forget to take a look at DomCop’s list of high SEMrush traffic expired domains to get you started. Happy hunting!