Changes in how we deal with Majestic Trust Flow

17 Oct 2016 – Majestic released an update to their algorithm today. Due to this all the TF values shown in the various sections at DomCop are different from what are shown in Majestic.

We will be updating our entire database tomorrow (18th Oct 2016), so that we show the updated Majestic metrics. Once all the metrics have been updated, we will post again on this blog post.

There is another change in how we will deal with Majestic metrics from now on. Chris Dixon of Majestic mentioned the following

If you are buying or selling domains, don’t evaluate at the sub-domain level if you are buying a Top Level Domain.

He also mentions the following about using sub domain metrics for comparison

if you CHOOSE www then you are comparing your site with every single other sub-domain in the world. The TF score is a normalized score of all these sub-domains (so very few with 100, lots with zero).

Basically, the sub domain metrics are not a good gauge of how good the back links to a domain are. We will therefore only look at the root domain metrics from now onward.