Presenting the Guru Plan with the personal expired domain crawler

We’ve finally launched the Guru Plan today.

I’m hoping to answer a few questions that have been asked by interested existing customers.

What is the personal expired domains crawler?
DomCop gathers domains from various public and private drop lists and lists from auction houses. These domains are accessible by all customers, depending on the plan they have purchased.

The personal expired domains crawler will crawl the web for domains that have expired a while back and will find them for a single customer. Essentially, you setup jobs instructing the crawlers to crawl relevant websites and are returned with a list of expired domains that only you have access to.

How is it different from other expired domains crawlers?
Apart from the speed of the crawler (we use this crawler to populate our Archive), what customers will find the most useful are the various types of jobs that they can setup. Customers will be able to find niche relevant expired domains that other domain crawlers have missed out on.

Is the personal expired domain crawler a separate tool from DomCop?
No. The personal expired domain crawler has been completely integrated into DomCop. You will be using the exact same interface to search for domains and export them. All the metrics that we obtain for the auction and pending delete domains will also be obtained for your domains found by your personal expired domains crawler.

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