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Domain list showing domains with TF > 15 and CF > 15
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Trust Flow is a score from 0 to 100 that is based on how many links a domain gets from a set of trusted seed sites. Sites that have links either directly or indirectly from a set of sites that the Majestic team created manually will have a high TF, while those that have poor quality back links will have a low TF. Due to the manual nature of the collection of original seed sites, TF is very tough to manipulate (although not impossible).

Citation Flow is a score between 0 to 100, that measures the link equity that a domain has. It is very much like PageRank in the way it is calculated and therefore can be easily manipolated. The domain table shows expired domains with a minimum TF of 15 and CF of 15.

process 2
process 2

The ratio of the TF to the CF has become one of the top metrics used in evaluating expired domains as it is much harder to manipulate. You will find the ratio to be very close to One for genuine expired domains, while those that have artificial back links tend to be much lower than Zero.

Typically you would look for domains that have a TF of more than 15 and a TF/CF ratio of more than 0.8

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