Domain Maj
Exp 16 46m 10 1h 58m 12 2h 03m 16 2h 05m 24 3h 05m 4 3h 11m 9 3h 13m 12 3h 36m 15 4h 09m 8 4h 16m

Expired domains list showing domains with DA > 30

The domain table above shows high DA domains with domain authority of more than 30. DA is a metric that goes from 0 to 100 and that represents a prediction by Moz on how well a domain will performs in the Search Engine Rankings. Unfortunately, DA has become a metric that is very easy to manipulate. You should never use only the DA to measure a domain's worth - always use it along with other metrics like the Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR).


Glen Allsopp,, United States I've tried a number of expired domain finding tools and services but the support from DomCop is second to none. It's in my top two of tools to use, and the best I've used for crawling.

Glen Allsopp,, United States