Domain Maj
Exp 7 27m 10 27m 24 1h 57m 15 1h 57m 4 1h 57m 12 1h 57m 9 1h 57m 26 1h 57m 7 1h 57m 6 1h 57m

Expired domains list showing domains with DA > 30

The domain table above shows expired domains with DA of more than 30. DA is a metric that goes from 0 to 100 and that represents a prediction by Moz on how well a domain will performs in the Search Engine Rankings. Unfortunately, DA has become a metric that is very easy to manipulate. You should never use only the DA to measure a domain's worth - always use it along with other metrics like the Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR).


Lee Hughes, New Zealand There wasn't a website which would give me all the information I wanted until I came across DomCop. DomCop is a real timesaver for me as everything is in one place and I have no reason to spend a long time trying to find high value expiring domains anymore.

Lee Hughes, New Zealand