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Domain Maj
  reparatur.org - 03m
  qubyk.com - 03m
  couplespranks.com - 04m
  riversidejacksonville.com - 04m
  vizualize365.com.au - 04m
  hoagfy.com - 05m
  perth200.com.au - 05m
  tt-medicaltechnologies.mx - 05m
  haystraw.com.au - 05m
  restraw.com.au - 05m

Lee Hughes, New Zealand

There wasn't a website which would give me all the information I wanted until I came across DomCop. DomCop is a real timesaver for me as everything is in one place and I have no reason to spend a long time trying to find high value expiring domains anymore.

Lee Hughes
New Zealand