SEOs purchase expired domains for their backlinks. Everyday 200,000+ domains expire. It is virtually impossible for any SEO to go through the backlinks for each of these domains. What DomCop does for you, is show you a list of all these domains along with important metrics for every domain. These metrics will help you reduce the size of the daily list from 200,000+ to just a handful of the very best domains. What would take you hours, now will take you literally seconds to do.

Each of the third party that we integrate with (e.g. Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic), charge for getting the metrics for a domain. DomCop uses their API to get this data for you and you therefore do not need to purchase a separate account to get these metrics. As new players enter the market, we integrate with them so that you always have the best and most comprehensive set of metrics to help you decide which domain to buy, spending as little time and money as you can.