We have three separate age metrics for every domain<br/><br/> 1. Domain Age (WayBack) - This is the age taken from the <a href="http://wayback.archive.org/" target="_blank">Wayback Archive</a>. The Wayback Archive gives the age based on <i>when it first crawled any pages on the domain</i>. From an SEO perspective, the age from Wayback Archive is more relevant since its more likely that the search engines would use a similar measure.<br/><br/> 2. Domain Age (WhoIs) - This is the age taken from the WhoIs data. The WhoIs data gives the age based on when the domain was initially purchased. If a domain drops and is then registered, the WhoIs date will reset.<br/><br/> 3. Website Age (WayBack) - This is the age of the last website that was on the domain. To understand this let us take an example of a domain that was registered in 2005 and had a website running on it till 2010. Then the domain was abandoned till 2012, when a new website was placed on the domain till 2015 (present time). Our systems will find out the break of 2 years and will therefore calculate the Website Age to be only 3 years (While the Domain Age shown above will be 5 years).