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List of Expired Domains from the Arts Niche
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The domain table shows expired domains with back links from websites that belong to a specific niche - Arts

The niche Arts comprises of multiple micro niches that have been list below:
Music, Design, Crafts, Photography, Visual Arts, Literature, Radio, Entertainment, Comics, Illustration, Writers Resources, Graphic Design, Architecture, Art History, Animation, People, Directories, Movies, Magazines & E-zines, Performing Arts, Television, Organizations, Online Writing, Education, Chats & Forums, Bodyart, Genres, Other, Digital, Weblogs, Humanities, Video, Classical Studies, Costumes, Awards, News & Media and Periods & Movements

Matthew Woodward, Blogger, UK

Now that is a stupidly handy tool! Certainly makes finding domains a very quick process, and I love anything that saves time =D
Much love for building it!

Matthew Woodward
Blogger, UK