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Domain Maj
   moneyninja.xyz - 04m
   hydrogensystems.net - 04m
   carpetscanada.ca - 04m
   stickandsnare.com.au - 04m
   qdrums.com.au - 04m
   finendandyherbals.com.au - 04m
   finendandyherbals.au - 05m
   enthuse.us - 05m
   sexyfun.shopping - 05m
   sobresalto.com - 05m
List of Expired Domains from the Sports Niche
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The domain table shows expired domains with back links from websites that belong to a specific niche - Sports

The niche Sports comprises of multiple micro niches that have been list below:
Martial Arts, Fencing, Water Sports, Golf, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Running, Equestrian, Soccer, Skateboarding, Cycling, Croquet, Extreme Sports, Baseball, Winter Sports, Resources, Volleyball, Motorsports, Football, Organizations, Table Tennis, Hockey, Skating, Fantasy, Cricket, Basketball, Bowling, Strength Sports, Wrestling, Flying Discs, Boxing, Pes├Ąpallo, Multi-Sports, Events, Disabled, Tennis, Adventure Racing, Cue Sports, Badminton, Darts, Softball, Walking, Cheerleading, Petanque, Rodeo, Youth & High School, Paintball, College & University, People, Paddleball, Gaelic, Team H&ball, Squash, Archery, Airsoft, Bocce, Lacrosse, Team Spirit, Netball, Officiating, Women, Footbag, Orienteering, Greyhound Racing, Jai Alai, Animal Sports, Goalball, Tchoukball, Rope Skipping, Software, Racquetball, Informal Sports, Rounders, Boomerang, Korfball, Lumberjack, Laser Games, Kabbadi, Sepak Takraw and H&ball

Ian Howells, Traffic Think Tank, United States

Whenever I'm looking for a domain with some link history, DomCop is my go-to tool. Their option for filtering by TF/CF ratio in particular helps quickly weed out the stuff that has a high likelihood of having been spammed to death already - it's a huge time saver.

Ian Howells, Traffic Think Tank
United States