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Domain Maj
   djbearthworks.com.au - 03m
   pressonit.com.au - 04m
   thriftywebservices.com.au - 04m
   becalisonva.au - 05m
   becalisonva.com.au - 05m
   shopalltownskips.au - 05m
   shopskipbinswyong.au - 05m
   shopcentalcoastwelding.au - 05m
   shopskipbinsgosford.au - 05m
   mandurahfences.com.au - 05m
List of Expired domains in the Human Resources (Business) Niche

Sean Markey, Rank Theory, United States

Every single day since 2014 I log onto DomCop.com and look for valuable expiring domain names. Literally. I've found so many great domains there that I've either put into my domain investing portfolio, built on and created a revenue generating site that I later sold, or used in my efforts to create other valuable websites. I cannot recommend this tool enough--it is robust and powerful, and I easily filter out the thousands of terrible expiring names to consistently find the diamonds.

Sean Markey, Rank Theory
United States