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Domain Maj
   cgptravel.com - 03m
   dharamshalaproperty.com - 03m
   58-88.com - 03m
   chatgeept.com - 03m
   floridammj.com 4 03m
   cgptm.com - 04m
   telecom.supplies - 04m
   muvimask.com - 04m
   shibburn.au - 04m
   bodychef.ie 1 05m
List of Expired domains in the Graphic Design (Arts) Niche

Ian Howells, Traffic Think Tank, United States

Whenever I'm looking for a domain with some link history, DomCop is my go-to tool. Their option for filtering by TF/CF ratio in particular helps quickly weed out the stuff that has a high likelihood of having been spammed to death already - it's a huge time saver.

Ian Howells, Traffic Think Tank
United States