DomCop helps you find great expired domains easily. With a click of a button you can view a list of domains with impressive metrics such as -
Moz Metrics - Moz Rank, moz Trust, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Spam Score & more
Majestic Metrics - Trust and Citation flow, Topical Categories & TTF, Ref Subnets & more
SEMrush Rank and Traffic
SimilarWeb Rank
Estibot Value
Alexa Rank & Reach
and many, many more

DomCop provides you with more than 90+ metrics to compare sites on, much more than our competitors.
Our powerful search engine returns the results in real time allowing you to make effective bids on auctions or catch expired domains before anyone else.
We give you great domains from 72 TLDs using metrics that you pick to narrow down your search. Hours of research spent on finding great domains will now take minutes.
Our Personal expired domains crawler crawls the internet and finds you hidden expired domains with great metrics.

Extensions supported all over the world 72 extensions supported

Search for expired domains from all over the world. Currently supporting - .ac, .ag, .ar, .asia, .at, .au, .be, .bg, .biz, .bz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn, .co, .com, .cz, .de, .dk, .ee, .es, .eu, .fi, .fm, .fr, .gg, .hr, .hu, .ie, .in, .info, .io, .is, .it, .je, .jp, .kr, .lc, .li, .lu, .lv, .ly, .md, .me, .mn, .mobi, .mx, .net, .ng, .nl, .no, .nu, .nz, .org, .pl, .pt, .pw, .ro, .rs, .ru, .sc, .se, .sg, .sh, .si, .su, .to, .tv, .uk, .us, .vc, .za

Moz Metrics Moz metrics

Use Domain Authority & Moz Rank metrics to find domains with authority in your specific industry. DA is updated more often than PR and is a number worth looking at

Majestic Seo Metrics Majestic Seo metrics

Use Trust Flow to find domains with links from high authority sites, while Citation Flow is a metric that can be used alongside Page Rank

Ready-made Traffic SEMrush Metrics

SEMrush metrics help you figure out the value of the organic traffic - total volume per month and cost of traffic that the domain ranks for.
*(limited by API)

SimilarWeb Metrics SimilarWeb Metrics

SimilarWeb is a web ranking and competitive analysis tool that provides traffic activity for domains. Its data is much more superior to Alexa rank data.
*(limited by API)

Compete Metrics Compete Metrics

Compete is a web traffic analysis service that publishes traffic data for the top one million domains. Its coverage of US based traffic is quite impressive.

Ready-made Traffic Alexa Metrics

Alexa metrics let you know how the domain ranks according to the Alexa ranking. Alexa also gives information on country specific ranking and back links

Estibot Metrics Estibot Metrics

Estibot is the world's top domain appraisal tool that uses machine learning to value a domain based on its name and extension.

Quantcast Metrics Quantcast Metrics

Quantcast is a digital advertising company that specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising. They provide data on the top million domains in the world.

Google Friendly Google Friendly

Look out for expired domains that have already been indexed by google and have back links that google has indexed. Always pays to be google friendly

High Value Domain Auctions Finely Aged Domain

Domain age plays a big role in how search engines value the worth of a website. This is one factor that cannot be faked. Pick a finely aged domain to get ahead in the game

High Value Domain Auctions Existing Back Links

Expired domains often have awesome high quality links borne out of the SEO process by the previous owners. You get a head start in the link building game

Ready-made Traffic Ready-made Traffic

If the expired domain is keyword rich, it might already rank for some keywords on google. You can check this with SEMRush organic traffic and cost data

Customize Columns Customize Columns

See only the metrics you want to see by customizing the columns. We have over 90+ individual metrics for you to choose from

First bid on domain auctions First Dibs on Auctions

Get first dibs on expired domain auctions with high page rank, natural organic traffic data, high quality back links and high social share count


W130SN, BlackHatWorld .. have to say it is great tool. I have found similar tools don't have all the information I want or they are overly complicated. This tool has all the relevant information at hand and is easily searchable If you are looking for Domains then this tool WILL help speed up the process and help you find a Bargain

W130SN, BlackHatWorld