How to Export Data at DomCop

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To export data you need to first search for it. In the filter box there is a button called "Export". Click on this button to export the data in view.

Setting up the export

Setup Data Export

You can choose from the following CSV file types

You can also choose what type of data to export from the following

If you do not want to export any of these categories of data you can de-select it.

If you want the download link to be sent to your email, click on "Send by Email". This will send a link to download the exported file to your registered email address. If you want to only download the file from the website, click on "Download". Once done, the page will show the export as being queued. The page will refresh every 30 seconds till the export is ready for download.

Click Download File to download your exported file

My Exports

You can see a list of all your exported files by clicking the "My Exports" link at the top of the website. You can either download the file or download a zipped (compressed) version of the file. The zipped version will be much smaller in size and will download much more quickly.

To conserve server space, we only save the exported files for one month from their date of export. Therefore, please download the files within that time and save it to your computer or cloud storage.

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